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Bergen County Players

Males and Females 18+

Additional Scheduled Audtion dates
The Underpants by Carl Sternheim, adapted by Steve Martin
Bergen County Players
Wednesday March 16 at 7:30pm
Sunday March 20 at 10:30am
Cast of characters:
Theo Maske: a burly, muscular fireplug with a buzz cut. The bureaucrat
Louise Maske: very pretty, mid-twenties. Theo’s wife
Gertrude Deuter: Forty-two, and a busybody. Think Ethel (to Lucy)
Frank Versati: an elegant gentleman, a poet. Tenant 1
Benjamin Cohen: a sickly, thin, asthmatic, possibly a voyeur. Tenant 2
Klinglehoff: an elderly man, possibly a prude. Tenant 3
The King: benign ruler. Walk-on

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