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Trenell Foster

various roles

Production title – Random Acts
Genre – martial arts/ drama
Location – San Diego
Union status – non union
Compensation – no pay (IMDb credit, food, copy)
Audition style – Video and in person
Production start date – October 24th – 25th, October 31st – November 1st
Directed by – Trenell Foster
Produced by – Trenell Foster, Tahir Hubbard and Mark L Turner
Synopsis – Retiring from fighting after a tragic accident Jeffrey Random looks for a life away from professional fighting. But when a past debt to underground fight organizer Desmond Saint puts his family in the crosshairs, Jeffrey has to return to the ring for one last fight.
Character name – Chris “Six” Mitchels
Age – 24 – 31
Race – African American
Character info – Chris is a friend of Jeffery and James Random. Chris is also a fighter for Desmond Saint.
Character name – Taylor Saint
Age – 25 – 34
Race – African American or biracial
Character info – Taylor is the daughter of Desmond Saint. She is a semi skilled fighter and works at the Saint Training Camp. Taylor is the love interest of James Random.
Character name – Riker Greer
Age – 21 – 37
Race – open
Character info – Riker is a professional fighter. He is one of the opponents of Jeffery Random in his first fight.
Character name – Damien Ross
Age – 23 – 37
Race – open
Character info – Damien is an underground street fighter that works for Desmond Saint.
Character name – Webber Reese
Age – 30s
Race – open
Character info – Webber is a fighter, trainer and enforcer for Desmond Saint. His good friend and enforcement partner is Porter Lang.
Character name – Porter Lang
Age – 30s
Race – Asian (willing to change race for right actor)
Character info – Porter is a fighter, enforcer and trainer for Desmond Saint. He works with Webber Reese.
Character name – Jason Docker
Age – 25 – 35
Race – caucasian
Character info – Jason is a fighter for Desmond Saint and also a bodyguard.
Character name – Ryan Kemp
Age – 28 – 33
Race – open
Character info – Ryan is a fighter for Desmond Saint and bodyguard.
Character name – Donovan Greer
Age – 30 – 42
Race – open
Character info – Donovan is the brother of Riker and seeks revenge against Jeffery. Donovan is a fighter for Desmond Saint and considered his secret weapon.
I’ll also be casting actors, fighters and those with stage fighting experience as fighters, trainers and background fighters as well.

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