Joseph Stark

Males and Females 18+

Director and cast Needed
February 2022 “Devil Boys and Beyond” by Buddy Thomas & Ken Elliot
Director and cast needed ASAP
4 men, 4 women
Flying Saucers! Backstabbing Bitches! Muscle Hunks and Men in Pumps! Wake up and smell the alien invasion in this outrageous comedy by the author of the smash off-Broadway hit play, The Crumple Zone.
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery/Thriller, Science Fiction, Parody / SpoofTime Period: 1950sCast Attributes: Non-Traditional casting, Cross gender casting, Drag performance
“Be ready to laugh… a cross-dressing comedy that puts a fresh coat of over-the-top on 1950’s sci-fi flicks… Devilishly clever.” – New York Daily News
“Two shirtless hunks, four fabulous drag queens, and 90 minutes’ worth of high-camp comedy: What more could a fan of ultraridiculous theatrics want? Devil Boys is a devilish delight.” – Backstage
“What’s funnier than a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist investigating reports of flying saucers in the mysterious swamplands of Lizard Lick, Florida—the hickest hick-town in all of America? Not much! Unless, perhaps, you cast a man in drag, add a boozing ex-husband, a nemesis/rival reporter, to boot! Mix in clever one-liners, a candy-colored design, and enough boy-toy eye-candy to fill a giant’s Halloween sack, and you’ve got one hell of a show! You might want see it twice. I missed some lines, here and there, as I was still belly-laughing from some previous ones.” –

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