Caitlin Morris

Males 8-50's

Production Title: Breaking Down
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union, Non-Paid
Production Type: Short Film
Genre: Drama
Director: Caitlin Morris
Producer: Caitlin Morris
Production Dates: End of November-Beginning of December
Filming Location: Pungo, Virginia Beach, VA
Video Auditions Due by November 19th, 2021
Synopsis: When Raymond Finds Brady walking on the road, he tries to help him find his dad. Brady’s last hope since his mom has cancer and his stepdad abuse him.
Raymond (40s-50s)
Trying to figure out the deal with this kid while simultaneously trying to get his life back together. But then, he finds out Brady is his son.
Brady (8-13)
Found a letter from his biological dad and is on the way to find him. When he encounters Raymond, he hops in his car and hopes to be dropped off at the bus station. However, Brady is in more of a treat when he finds out Raymond is his dad.

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