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Roynisha Holmes

multiple roles

Broken ‘’Untold Story’’

Feature Film, This audition is for the film trailer only but it may ultimately lead to a role in the film

Broken “Untold Story” is a film about a native Texan girl , suffering from the trauma of her past. Her story and trauma begin with sexual abuse at the hands of a close friend of her family. As Kim continues to fall victim to her past traumas, she is met with a moment of truth, a moment between life and death, which forces her to begin to revisit her past as it relates to her present life of now self-inflicted pain and suffering. An unstable life in the streets of Houston has led Kim down what seems to be a one-way road.

Shoot Dates TBA
Seeking Female: Kim. (Lead) African American, ages 17-23 or Looks 17, a girl who’s suffering from physical abuse, fearless, naïve, resentful to her parents, gullible,

Dianne/ Mom (Lead) African American, Ages 38- 45, Mother of Kim. Inattentive, oblivious, spiritual, understanding to a certain degree

Dereck (Lead) African American. Ages 25-35. Pimp, manipulator, ill-tempered, convincing, he’s direct about what he wants

Lawrence (Supporting Lead) African American Man. Ages 40-50, Sexual maniac, heartless, cold hearted,

Jason / Dad- Ages 38-45, African American Father of Kim, Hold things in, run away from problems, discard his emotions, nonchalant

Unpaid, Compensation will be material for your acting reel

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