Alan C.

Asian Males 18-30

Casting Call:
Hi everyone, I’m Alan, producer of film studio. I currently producing Brooklyn College student thesis film, low-budget, 15 mins short. Shooting date from Dec 10-20, or early, no later than Christmas. Shooting in NYC, Inside a house majority. I’m looking for male teenage, age from 18-30. MUST speak Cantonese, Asian. The synopsis: Following the divorce of parents. Shu, the family’s elder son, is secretly assisting his runaway sister in carrying out their mother’s death wish without his father’s knowledge. There’s another goal: to pull the family together. He is a student inherited some impulsive, and toxic traits from his father, but overall collective, responsible. Can have immature expectations from reality yet be willing to face challenges that come along. He wants to be loved, wants changes for the better. Highly value the idea of the completeness of the family. He put up with his father for the most part of his life, warning him when he was about to cross the line. He hides from the father his whereabouts yet tries to have a decent conversation with him. He loves his sister, but often being judgmental. Shu has soft sides; he would never push anyone to extreme except himself. “Save me, save this family”.

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