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Madi Hill Rasmussen

multiple roles

October 15-16 | Spec Ad | Unpaid
An ode to the many stories and experiences that come and go from a gas station. Will feature different people and stories in a quick moving format. Please comment on this post or message me if you are interested in any of the following roles:
Late teenager/college aged male. Rushing to the bathroom in a hurry.
Mother and young daughter (age 3-6). Mother is confident yet tired looking, filling up the car with gas as her daughter is inside the car.
Young adult man, white collar worker on the way to work. Clean cut, eager to start the day.
Middle-aged man, rough around the edges, shaggy appearance. Beard/scruff a plus.
Rambunctious Teenagers (age 15-16) in need of about 3 boys, and 3 girls.
Father (male age 20-40) with two kids (age 2-3, and age 8-10). Trying to help his kids get slurpees.
Middle-aged gas station cashier; Male or Female, tired appearance. Just trying to get by.
Homeless man: older male, wrinkled but gentle face.

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