Ryan Sean Davy

need to be extremely fit, nimble and healthy

Looking for a young dynamic adventurous candidate that can handle wild, extreme conditions in a dangerous environment for a wildlife series. We will be filming aggressive animals in remote regions of Southern Africa and extending into Africa, and later other parts of the world . You will be the film makers sidekick and content creator. You must have a drivers license and a valid passport. You will need to be extremely fit, nimble and healthy. We will need a doctors certificate. You must know your way around social media and have a basic idea of uploading, streaming and logging footage. Please prepare a bio with references, mentioning your strengths and sensitivities, fears, phobias and reasons for wanting to be a part of this incredible experience of a lifetime. Only one position available so make your pitch a good one. Please DM me. The youtube channel link below will give you an idea of what we doing. Thanks in advance.

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