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Roylan Rountree-García

A cast of 9 actors

Aspire Film Society is a project that gives young, aspiring filmmakers from underserved areas the opportunity to be mentored by leading industry professionals. This 10 minute film has been written by Emmy Award winning and nominated writers along with a crew of top people in the field. A cast of 9 actors from a wide range of backgrounds are being called for an audition Sunday March 15th at 12pm and March 21st at 10am. The director is DM Cunningham. Search him on imdb.com. Shoot dates are March 28th & 29th at WKTV in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
LEAD: 20-30 year old female, writer/blogger, curious, observant, cheerful.
GRANDMOTHER: 50+ year old female, babysitter, short tempered.
GRANDCHILD: 5-12 year old, short attention span, typical child that is ready to annoy anyone.
TEENAGER 1: 14-18 year old male, blind, confident about self, yet hesitant about acceptance from others.
TEENAGER 2: 14-18 year old female, adventurous and outgoing, only sees the good in people.
MALE 1: 20-30 year old, troubled, obviously stressed, under appreciated, seemingly unnoticed by the general public.
MALE 2: Late twenties, non stereotypical gay man.
MALE 3: Late twenties, non stereotypical gay man.
MALE 4: Late thirties, embarrassed to be working for Uber Eats
A writer goes to a coffee shop to observe the patrons of the coffee shop. She knows a few of them, and writes about most of them. When she leaves, she bumps into one of the shop workers that is coming into the shop. When she gets home, she finds out that there was a massacre at the coffee shop just after she left and the gunman was the person she bumped into.

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