• Theater
  • Michigan
  • June 30, 2021

Caitlin Hart

Susan; 30's; WOC

WHO: The Vagrancy: MI Chapter. Playwright: Holli C. Sinn; Director: Caitlin Hart; Composer: Jenn Hartmaan Luck
WHAT: A virtual (over Zoom) Mini-workshop of THE DONKEY SKIN SISTERS: a small country musical for a common country tale. We’ll read the play out loud (as fully acting as possible over zoom) then I’ll guide a conversation about the working text. The objective is to give the writer guidance as she embarks on the next draft – which is due to the company mid July. *this is an in-company workshop with no audience*
WHERE: The Zoom Room
WHEN: Wednesday, June 30th 7:30PM-10:30PM EDT
After a ten-year estrangement, Billie and Cameron are far from their childhood fantasies of becoming a country music sister duo, The Donkey Skin Sisters. We meet them at a prison where Billie is on death row for gunning down a family while high on a cocktail of drugs. Cameron, now a professor in musical history, comes to visitations trying to understand how they ended up in two very different places. This musical reinvents country classics to chronicle the two sisters’ journey through coping and drowning with sexual trauma in their childhood. While Billie is forced to reckon with her crimes, both sisters are left with harrowing questions: Where does the buck stop? Who is truly guilty? How does someone seek redemption when bearing generations of unaccountability? They come to remember what they knew as children: their only salvation can be found in the music.
*it is also a rewrite of the French fable DONKEYSKIN*
ROLE: Susan; 30’s; WOC; Cameron’s girlfriend and a cut-throat agent from LA. She also plays other smaller roles in the show. *role has solo songs*
PAY: This workshop is volunteer-based but the next one will have a small stipend.
SUBMIT: please email me a headshot and reel or self-tape with a monologue of your choice at
You can learn more about the company at

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