• Short Film
  • Long Beach
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Ginny Huang

females 19-25 yrs Asian

[UNPAID] Casting Call
I’m a producer/director that is looking for 2 female Asian comedian actors. (You don’t have to be a comedian, but a love for comedy works). It’s a lighthearted short film centered around two innocent girls who drive around town, learning to deal with their moral compass when deciding to buy drugs for the first time.
April (Female, 19-25, Asian)
unafraid, assertive, witty *must know how to drive
Becca (Female, 19-25, Asian)
over-thinker, indecisive, worrisome
Please have reliable transportation. Planning to shoot (covid-willing) at Long Beach in September (no hard date is set). All COVID safety protocols will be strictly followed.

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