Savannah Lindblad

2 Females 22-27; Male any age; Male 55-65; Female 50-60

Non-Paid / Non-Union
Production Title: Angels Unaware
Production Type: Senior Project
Production Location: Virginia Beach
Director: Emily VanDorn
Producer: Savannah Lindblad
Auditions: Video auditions accepted October 8th – October 22nd
Shooting Begins: November 20, 2020
Shooting Ends: November 22, 2020
Synopsis: Sister rivalry can be serious; twin rivalry even more so. Joy and Connie are twins in their mid-20s, who have grown vastly estranged over the last few years. Joy believes Connie to be the favorite child and decided she would rather leave their home town than fight for that position in their family. What Joy doesn’t know is that soon she will be fighting for her life as she’s caught in a realm between life and death, in order to give her parents the united daughters they always wanted.
Characters (5):
JOY: [FEMALE; 22-27]
Joy is a determined, independent, hardworking girl who is desperate to leave her home town before she wastes the rest of her life there. In her effort to spread her wings, she becomes estranged from her twin sister, Connie, inadvertently tearing their family apart. Now, per their mother’s request, she’s on her way to try and repair these family riffs.
Connie, Joy’s twin sister, has always been the favorite child. She is less independent and willing to venture away from the family home. She is seen as perfect by not leaving home, always helping her family in the household, and not trying to leave the hometown.
Eyes is a witty and mildly condescending entity who works, reluctantly, to help Joy out.
MOM: [FEMALE; 50-60]
Concerned mom who is desperate to save her daughter and repair her family.
DAD: [MALE; 55-65]
Concerned dad who is desperate to save his daughter.
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