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Janessa Carlin

2 AA roles

Casting Call-Crack and Coffee
Project: Short Film
Location: Austin Texas
Compensation: Reel footage, Meals provided on set
Shoot Date: August 21st & 22nd
Please submit your headshot, resume, and reel(if you have one)
Race: Black
Age Range: 21-25
Character Bio: Imagine an insecure SZA with nu-metal anger sprinkled over. While born in Newark New Jersey, she is in Texas for college. Vonedetta, or Von, as everyone calls her, has never been good at holding her tongue at the right time. While she’s a very unique girl, between her love of alternative 90’s rock, steampunk, anything from the UK music scene, and crime stories, she finds it harder to be seen as more than the “alternative girl”.
Race: Black
Age Range: 45-60
Character Bio: Imagine if Old Dirty Bastard was your guardian angel, yeah he’s basically that. While Ronnie is Vondettas “unadulterated black side” in human form, he holds all of Vondettas spastic behaviors, unlocked wisdom, and inner aggression, that she, being a black woman going to a PWI, can’t express. While no one can hear him, Ronnie yells so Von doesn’t have to.

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