Tyler Hunt

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Casting Call
Fight for Me
Project: Independent Feature
Log Line: When a reformed drug addict finds out his teenage sister is pregnant, he promises to father the child to convince her to keep the baby; however, after she has the baby, the challenges of parenting may be too much for him to handle.
Genre: Comedy Drama
Trailer: Here is the first scene of the film to give you an idea of the two main characters, and the overall aesthetic and tone of the movie:
Filmmaker: My name is Tyler Hunt. I’m a local Writer/Director who’s recently helped produce an independent feature in Burbank, along with creating many commercial and promotional videos along with shorter form narrative content within Colorado and across the country. I’m very passionate about the craft of filmmaking and am looking to work and collaborate with actors who love their craft and are great to work with. Acting and casting is one of the most important things to me in filmmaking outside of writing, as well as just being a decent person.
Character Breakdowns
Rachel: Female, Mid 20’s to early 30’s, Girlfriend of the main character. Attractive and confident, though not arrogant at all. Grounded and well balanced, while also playful. She balances the mania of the main character. She finds his extreme personality endearing, but also needs to bring him down to earth, but in a loving way.
Dave: Male, Late 20’s to early 30’s, larger frame, Lives in flop house with his girlfriend and their 4 year old kid. Drug dealer, but not stereotypical. A good guy with a good heart, but with a toxic lifestyle. Weed during the week, coke on the weekends.
Robert: Male, 20’s-30’s, heavy set, dorky, unaware, Loyal employee whose devotion to his boss is beyond annoying.
Bryan: Male, 40’s-50’s, strict and very annoying boss, described by characters in script as a manager who “sucks”, and “that dude with the weird hair”.
Notes: This film is very writing and acting heavy. The film requires actors who are passionate about acting, committed to delivering a very strong performance, love collaboration, and who have good chemistry on set. We’ll be requiring rehearsals and test shooting to ensure the most believable and natural performances possible, and to give the actors everything needed to deliver their best. No divas, whatsoever. Absolutely must be good to work with with no ego. Cannot stress that enough. This is not a film where you’ll show up on set on the day of shooting, deliver, then leave. We need people who are passionate about delivering a great performance and are committed to finding that with the director and fellow cast. We have a great team of people so far who are very passionate about the project and excited to create something bigger than ourselves.
This story gives voice to single moms and is about thinking through the convictions you place on other people and what it truly takes to make a difference in others lives. It is not preachy however, and is communicated through a genuine story that allows the audience to make up their own mind.
Compensation: TBD according to commitment from actors, Gas and Food covered
Union Status: Non-union
Location: Colorado Springs primarily, potentially locations within Denver
Shooting Schedule: Rehearsals and shoot days will be flexible. Not a traditional shoot schedule, but will be determined upon availability of cast and locations. General time frame is summer and early fall, with rehearsals starting as soon as possible.
Casting Process: Demo reel highly preferred, at least some example of on screen acting is most important. Head shots, but also realistic pictures, images not highly photoshopped, anything to give the most accurate representation of what you actually look like. On screen test will be required. Casting is very important to us, but we’ll also have fun. ?1f642 - CallBoard
If interested, please email me with the above assets listed in the Casting Process. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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