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Logan Mitts

multiple roles

CASTING CALL for a feature film that shoots this summer. Compensation will come in the form of meals, and gas money. Message me if you are interested!
ANDREA, mid to late 40s, Caucasian. Andrea is a warm, nurturing mother who will do whatever it takes to give her son the best life.
GRACE, early 40s, Caucasian. Grace works as a nurse. She’s used to a fast paced environment and carries that into her hone life. Sometimes she doesn’t slow done to really have a conversation with her daughter at the dinner table.
BRANDON, early 40s, Caucasian. On the outside Brandon likes to act like the “tough dad”. He tries to scare away friends/boyfriends of his daughter, Ally. But as hard as he tries Brandon ends up being the fun, nerdy, dad.
MIKE, late 30s. Mike is the guy you’d go to with a problem and know that he will do whatever it takes to help.
PRESTON, early 20s. Preston is a sly, fast talking guy. He has friends but won’t hesitate to screw them over to get what he wants.
OLIVIA, early 20s. Olivia, like Mike, is the friend you can trust.

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