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‎Drew Theodore‎

multiple roles

Casting call for a pilot “Engaged”
Please either message me directly or email me
Shooting dates are tbd

Dr. Jordan. Male. Age 25-40. Secondary Bald.: A psychiatrist who has begun having a love affair with one of his client’s husbands.

Dantoni. Male. Age 25-35. Secondary : a party loving guy, and also a coke dealer.

Lidia. Female. Age 25-35. White. Main: a woman in love with Ace, and the mother of his son. Though she is the person Ace is having an affair with, she hopes to win him over.

Blake. Male. Age 18-24. Secondary.: an apprentice chef at a top notch restaurant who thinks he’s better than he is.

Titan. Male. Age 24-40. Secondary. A drug dealer.

Kyle. Male. 20-35. Secondary. Bartender

Natalia. Female. 23-36. Latina/Hispanic. Secondary A woman being paid to try and seduce a man out of his marriage.

Brooks. Male. 40-50. Secondary. A Senior columnist.

Jaime. Female. 25-35. Secondary. A woman who is jealous of Trent.

Trent. Male. 25-35. Main. He is hiding the fact that he got laid off from work from his fiancé Lexi.

Lexi. Female. 25-35. Main. Trent’s fiancé who is trying to keep her past as a stripper behind her, and is now trying to live a professional life.

Sophia. Female. 25-35. Black. Main. Ace’s fiancé who is also a big partier.

Eric. Male. 25-35. Main. Fiancé to Sara and owner and head chef of a restaurant. He is also hiding that he is having an affair with his wife’s therapist.

Jessica. Female. 25-35. Secondary. A friend of Trent.

Isabella. Female. 25-35. Main. Tyler’s girlfriend and a graduate from med school.

Tyler. Male. 25-35. Main. Hiding a secret from Isabella and is also planning to propose to her.

Brad. Male. 25-35. Secondary. Former client of Lexi, and possibly a stalker now.

Baker. Male/female. 30-50. Supporting

Stewardess. Female. 22-36. Supporting

Barista. Male/ female. 17-28. Supporting

Mother. Female. 30-48. Supporting

Daughter. Female. 10-16. Supporting.

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