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Chris Lee Burton

multiple roles

Casting call for #DarkPatriot
Unpaid, food, beverages provided on set.

Character: Henry Cole- villain for episode 1 (Late 40’s, bald preferred, Caucasian or African American) – corrupt head of an oncology department for a hospital.

Character: William Cash(older brother of Jason Cash(me/title character)- 35-36 yrs old. Gruff, stoic, brave.- character is debuted in pilot, but mainly shown through archived footage, throughout the series.

Character: Hadley Winn(Female 50’s, Caucasian. Main financier for Haven medical) at this moment only appearance is in the pilot.

Character: US Army Doctor Jim Han(Chinese or Japanese decent preferred(50’s, smart, blunt) – only appearance is in pilot episode

Character: Sienna David(newscaster, late 20’s-30’s, Latina, recurring role throughout series)

Character: Sophie lane(Newscaster, late 30’s – 40’s, Caucasian, Recurring role throughout series)

Character: Harry west(newscaster, late 40’s -50’s, Caucasian, tall, recurring throughout series)

Character: Justin Walsh, 35-36, tall, Caucasian, smart, businessman, kind.

Extras: henchman, paparazzi, random reporters, male and female.

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