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Anjani Pandey

multiple roles

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Written by Suzy Walia; Directed by Anjani Pandey
PLOT: Garry’s father got phone call from Garry’s ex-girlfriend Vanna that his fiancé Mitzy has relationship with his Best Man Josh’s brother and marrying to Garry for Money not for Love….

Following Cast needed for first Episodes (More cast will be announced later…Stay Tuned!)
GARRY – Lead, Age: 27 to 32, Male, Caucasian
POPS – Garry’s Father, Age: 55 to 60, Male, Caucasian
VANNA – Garry’s Ex-Girlfriend, Age 27 to 32, Female, Caucasian
JOSH – Best Man, Age: 27 to 32, Male, Caucasian
MITZY – Garry’s Fiancé, Age 27 to 32, Female, Caucasian

Send your headshot, resume and other details and or questions at your earliest
Don’t forget to include your current Location and Contact#. We need to start this project ASAP.

***The Genre of this project is QUARANTINE FILM.
***Actors should be good in self tapping their lines/scenes with any HD camera or on phones.
***Actors should have knowledge of file transfer via WeTransfer, Google drive or Dropbox, etc….
***Actors should be comfortable in video conferencing via Zoom or Skype to discuss scenes.
***Actors from Tampa Bay Area/Local hire will be preferred.
***Actors with active on Social Media (FB, Instagram, Youtube) are highly desirable.

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