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An independent film project (not affiliated with the Netflix Live-Action) is scheduled to film in the San Francisco/Bay Area on October 10th-12. We are beginning our casting call now and are looking for actors and actresses to portray the following characters!
List of Characters:
Refugee 1 – Female, East Asian, mid 20s-30s. She is a refugee who is trying to escape Fire Nation occupied territory.
Refugee 2 – Male, 20-40, ideally East Asian. a soldier in the Earth Kingdom Army that is trying to reach allied lines after being part of the devastating defeat at Han Tui.
1 Smuggler – Probably a male. Ethnically ambiguous. He/she is focused on smuggling refugees out of Fire Nation controlled territory. Ideally a male. Has some basic fighting abilities but is better at sneaking people past enemy lines.
3 Fire Nation Guards/Patrols – They are set up at a checkpoint, the smuggler has to try to get the two refugees past these two guards. Ideally three males. Asian/East Asian
Setting: Somewhere the Fire Nation has recently conquered from the Earth Kingdom. The region where the city of Han Tui is located.
Synopsis: Two Earth Kingdom refugees are trying to get back to allied controlled territory right at the outbreak of the Hundred Year War. Their only chance of making it through enemy lines is with the help of a taciturn and reserved Smuggler.
*Note: This is not a feature and is planned to be a 15 min short film.
*This is unpaid. We are on a super low budget and we are investing our own resources into this to jump start a series of other projects.

How Actors Apply:

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