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Jacinto Cleveland

Age Range: 16-21 Ethnicities: White

luke - CallBoard
Casting call for Luke
Upcoming project Please email with headshot and age, height and contact info
This is non-paid
IMDB credit Yes!
Gender: Male
Role Type: Principal
Age Range: 16-21
Ethnicities: White
(Need to look like The actor on bottom )
Luke is one of the richest kids in town, his parents own a few properties out of town and spend much time away. His parent’s house is one of the nicer in this small town and being that he is alone a lot, it tends to be a teen hangout. Throws the coolest parties. Luke is pretty much liked by everybody at school. He is the captain of the football team and an attractive, athletic and fun guy. He could get pretty much any girl he wants and probably has, only this year he focused on a freshman in particular Stephanie who is willing to do whatever it takes to fit in and Luke is ready to oblige. Luke is also a senior at Bellwood high, His bestfriend is Joe. Luke seems upfront, good hearted, and all around good guy, but looks can be deceiving because behind closed doors Luke is a cocky and manipulative individual who only as his agenda at hand.

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