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Samuel Diggs

Male and Female


Casting the following roles in an up and coming short film called “Conflicted”. This is a non-paid role, with future opportunities. Film dates will be out shortly.
A divorced father struggles with the loss of his daughter, who comes in contact with her killer online, becomes conflicted of who it is as their conversation gets deeper by the minute.
GRACE (Female, 30-40, African-American) – A recently divorced mother that struggles with the pain of a lost daughter who was brutally murdered.
BUD (Male, 40 and up) – A typical average older man, who knows everything that goes on in the apartment building that he shares with ETHAN. He’s kind, but weird. BUD has an odd sense of humor.
JACK/OLD MAN (Male, 40 and up) – A serial killer who prays on children that he believes their parents neglect. Once a father himself, no longer can bare the sight of someone who has a child that does not deeply care about parenthood. (Willing to speak more on role and the depth of character)
DETECTIVE (30 and up, any ethnicity) – An average run of the mill detective that works not stop because of department budget cuts. He/She does everything they can with what they’ve got.
NURSE (25 and up, any ethnicity – An average nurse.
SEAN (25 and up, any ethnicity) – A down to earth sensible guy who looks as though he is who is not. One would would say to never judge a book by its cover.
This is going to be an exciting film with lots of crazy twists and turns. Hope to speak with you soon!!!?

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