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Grace Power

males various roles

Hi everyone! Casting for a couple roles in the short film HOME.
Deadline to submit: 7/14/21.
LOGLINE: After the death of a beloved family member, a young boy must come to grips with mortality and the new family dynamics that come with his first encounter with death and loss.
[MAX] Male, 7-11, Southeast Asian, East Asian, Mixed Ethnicity, Filipino, Pacific Islander male. Empathetic, kind, curious and, like all children, innocent. Max is incredibly creative. A vivid imagination that sees no boundaries. His emotional capacity reigns so strong, that he sometimes struggles to process things in a logical manner. Thus, while his curiosity and creativity takes him to extraordinary places, it is also perhaps the thing that prevents him from overcoming his fears. [Parents will be allowed on set.]
[GRANDPA PAUL] 60 to 80 years old, Southeast Asian, East Asian, Pacific Islander male. Caring, easy going. A former military cook who passed away but lives within the mind of Max. A warm, gentle soul and a selfless individual who is willing to do anything for his grandson.
START/SHOOT DATES: 8/14, 8/15, 8/21, 8/22
PROJECT LOCATION: Los Angeles (Only seeking talent based in Los Angeles.)
Copy/Credit/Meal provided.

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