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Jacob Wells

3 Female and 3 male rolls.


Looking to cast the main characters of “Camp Blood” a Friday the 13th fan film. Shooting in Covert Michigan, for three weekends. August 14th-16th, August 21st-23rd, August 28th-30th 2020. Give or take a few make up days if they are needed.
Actors will be paid for this 8-day shoot. Auditions close July 13th.

Characters that need to be casted:
3 Female and 3 male rolls.

Alex: (Character age 19) Alex is the unofficial leader of the group. The trip to Crystal Lake was Alex’s plan. He isn’t always sure of himself and he doesn’t have the best social skills.

Kyle: (Character age 21) Kyle is the classic horror movie jock. He can be cocky, which usually gets him in trouble with his girlfriend Ashley.

Jared: (Character age 18) Jared is the spaced out horror movie fanatic. He doesn’t care what others think of him and he is always trying to find a reference to a movie in any situation.

Emma: (Character age 19) Emma comes from a broken home. She finds a safe place within her friend group. She didn’t want to take the trip to Crystal Lake, but she didn’t want to miss out on time away from home with her friends.

Ashley: (Character age 18) Ashley isn’t the smartest but she knows when it’s time to run away from a machete wielding murderer.

Sarah: (Character age 18) Sarah is a flirt, she is crushing hard on Alex. Sarah is respectful and respected by her friends.

Video Auditions will be accepted and dates for in person auditions can be arranged.

Character personality monologues for each character are posted here, you are welcome to deliver your own monologue for your audition alongside the

Actors interested cannot have an allergy to fake blood or red dyes. All actors will be exposed to latex, makeup, and makeup glues. For the rolls of Ashley and Kyle there are scenes with kissing.

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