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‎Alex Garcia

multiple roles

Casting Call for Short Film in Tampa/Riverview Area.
NOTE: Could later be extended to feature film.

Title – “Cyberhood”
Length: approximately 9-10 minutes
Director: Diego Balasquide
Producers: Diego Balasquide and Joseph Keith Heingarten
Non-paid. Non-union. IMDb credit.

Synopsis: A former hacker uncovers corruption and murder behind the corporate empire that has cost him everything he holds dear.


Production dates:. TBD but between now and early October
Seeking the following roles:

1. Detective Matt Bryer (Miranda Bryer) – Late-20s to early-30s. World-weary, brooding police detective. Bryer is passionate about taking down the mob after the murder of his/her father – a crooked cop – when he/she was a child.

2. Detective Anthony Cole (Samantha Cole) – Late-20s to early-30s. Sarcastic, witty, closed-minded. The skeptic cop who is helping out Bryer on the case, against his/her will because he/she believes it’s a giant waste of time. However, as the case unravels, he/she believes more and more in the danger apparent in the investigation.

3. Jim Schwam – Mid-30s to mid-40s male, preferably heavy-set. Best friend of the main character of the story, Robert. He was friends with Robert through his childhood, but owed a lot of money to the mob because of gambling habits. After getting out of prison following a stint for profit fraud, he opened up a local deli and started getting his life back together as best he could, with the mob looking over his shoulder and taking their cut every step of the way.

4. Michael Shaw – Mid-40s to early-50s male. Shaw is Robert’s boss at Intrusion Tech, a company that gets bought out by the corrupt mob front company known as Jericho Industries. He’s a family man trying to protect his loved ones from the wrath of the mob if he doesn’t cooperate.

5. Tony – Late-20s male, preferably muscular. A tough hitman working for the mob.

6. Rick – Early-20s male, preferably skinny. Tony’s annoying, aggressive, naive partner.

7. One news anchor – Male or female above age 25 with a good speaking voice.

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