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Kevin Kamin

Male astonaut 35-55, any ethnicity for a comedic role.

Casting Call for Spec Commercial

Role: Male astonaut 35-55, any ethnicity for a comedic role.

Space Wizz! Male actor needed for a broadcast-level, spec commercial (a reel-building endeavor). Attached to the project is the amazing cinematographer, Tom Matre, and the talented Jade Lefever who will be performing the motion capture for the astronaut. Unpaid/fed well/highly-polished demo reel piece. This is self-funded and I’m not making a dime off it––I just want to collaborate with exceptional people towards a shared, high level goal. A recent work sample can be seen here: www.studiogata.com/director
Due to Covid this will only have a crew of 3 (which includes a dedicated safety coordinator) and will be shot outdoors. 95% of this commercial is photorealistic CGI. For more project information (storyboards, mood boards, bios, etc.) please go to: www.studiogata.com/space-wizz


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