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Leah Shannon

multiple roles

Hey everyone! I’m currently casting for a short film in Bellingham, WA. This will film on the weekends throughout October (excluding Halloween) and the first weekend of November!
Project: Short capstone film, non-union
Logline: A new student suddenly feels appreciated when given a chance to meddle with her new friends’ lives.
Rate: An IMDb credit, and footage for reel.
Audition details: Please email with headshot, resume, and audition sent as an unlisted YouTube link with the subject line (character) Audition by Friday August 6th, 2021 @12pm.
Please have a blank backdrop, good lighting, and use a reader. Slate your name and height as well.
Character Breakdown
*CAST* JENNA (18-22) – New kid, not great at showing her feelings, a people watcher. She cares but her awkwardness and inability to communicate prevents it from carrying out well.
FINN (tall, 18-22) – Quiet, unless spoken to. But, he doesn’t approach anybody, and isn’t approached by anybody, and that’s just fine. Wants to be a writer and has a story he’s been working on since middle school.
CHLOE (18-22) – Fun loving, friends with EVERYONE, even when calling people out she’ll smile kindly. Jenna is constantly trying to impress her.
MR. CASEY (40’s-60’s) – The English Teacher.

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