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Allie Cole

various roles

#casting For a short film. Great for extra reel footage or gaining more experience on set.
CASTING CALL for Student Short Dramedy (Under 10 minutes)
DATES: 1 day between January 9th and January 16th, 2022.
Not paid but meals provided *
LOCATION: Oakland/Berkeley
SYNOPSIS: In the middle of a funeral to which neither is invited, a college student struggling with depression and anxiety and a middle aged alcoholic who’s just had an intervention cross paths. The entire short is a conversation between Faye and Don, briefly interrupted by Bill and Gayle.
FAYE – 19. One of the two protagonists. A teenager working as a waitress at a funeral while coping with a recent depression diagnosis. Emotional, able to laugh at herself, self-pitying and compassionate. Must be able to cry.
DON – Late 50s to late 60s. One of the two protagonists. A father whose family has just held an intervention for his alcoholism. Self-aware, frank, witty with an underlying warmth.
BILL and GAYLE – Late 60s to late 70s. Primarily function as comedic relief. Squabbling couple, stereotyped as “boomers, though Gayle has a brief moment of kindness before she exits.
Meals will be provided, flexible with scheduling within the week-long window. Hoping to do a table read prior to shooting. Excited to make something!!

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