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* CASTING CALL from Somatoform Films ******
Production Company: Somatoform Films
Director: Josh Kaukl
Assistant Director: Nora Kaukl
Genre: Horror
Format: Short film for festival submissions nationwide.
Title: “The Lizard Man Cometh”
Written by Josh Kaukl
Starring: Josh Kaukl & Bob Carder
SPECIAL THANKS to RACHEL Rachel Flash who is providing the grahics for the film ! Check out her work!
A mentally-stunted and abused man chooses to live with his successful, self-help guru cum cult leader half-brother after his abusive, delusional mother abandons him to try and stop his half-brother who she believes is an evil lizard man out to take over the world through his self-help cult.
Acting Reels, Food, a Professional and Fun Set Working Experience Provided: speak to anyone that’s worked with us before about their experiences for references.
Instructions: Email requesting sides for your character of interest. Video yourself on your phone/camera and email back.
Where: 3 locations:
Residential Neighborhood: Delaware, OH; Grove City, OH and residential neighborhood TBA.
CREW: NON-PAID: Need someone interested in LEARNING SOUND.
ANY VOLUNTEERS are welcome. Email for interest in helping out on set.
CASTING: (Leads) :
Gail Martin (50-60’S, white, female) abusive, conspiracy theory nut. Unstable, violent. Need someone who can commit to being unhinged in this role. She physically assaults her son who does not fight back but no heavy lifting or intensive fight scenes.
Days needed for filming:
MAY: 2, 16, 17
JUNE: 12, 13, 20
Amy Martin (wife of Bobby Martin, late 20’s-30’s, any race can apply, female): NO NUDITY, but she does have a part where she is on a TV screen (pre-filmed in PRIVATE with only the DP, director and the Female Assistant director present) where she is seducing one of the characters and does pleasure herself (OFF CAMERA, so not actually doing it just pretending). Only looking for people who can commit and are comfortable with their sexuality on camera for this role. This scene isn’t just her being sexy, it’s her being unhinged and unstable as well. This is a multi-faceted character role.
Amy is dealing with the stress of being the wife of a self-help guru who may also be a burgeoning cult leader. She’s pressured by her creepy, culty husband to get pregnant even though she’s not ready. Her husband moves his damaged, older brother into the house to live with them who really freaks her out when she finds out he has a crush on her and people start going missing.
Days needed for filming:
MAY : 2, 16, 17, 22, 23
JUNE: 5, 6, 12, 13, 20
FOLLOWERS of Bobby Martin’s Movement: (supporting roles)
Days needed for filming:
MAY: 2, 16
JUNE: 20
Sara (20’s-30’s, any race can apply) in a relationship with Lucas who’s pressuring her to get married and pregnant even though she’s not ready and is creeped out by all the men in the group trying to push women into getting pregnant. (has lines)
Lucas( 20’s-30’s, any race can apply) wants Sara to get pregnant by him, creepy follower of Bobby. There may be something seriously wrong with him under the surface of his skin. (has lines)
Jasmine(20’s-30’s, any race can apply) creepy follower of Bobby’s cult. Has scary part at end. (Has lines.)
David (20’s-30’s, any race can apply) (has no lines), but plays a scary role. Physical acting and creepy.
Romantic Movie Couple: (one evening only of shooting starting at 7pm-9pm, few lines and done)
EVENING NEEDED FOR SHOOTING: will discuss with actors. Only need for one evening.
Jim: (20-30’s, any race) you play a man on a tv movie having a touching scene with a woman.
Nora (20-30’s, any race) you play a woman on a tv movie having a touching scene with her boyfriend.

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