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Felice Jackson

multiple roles

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“HE, ME & SHE”
Written & Directed by Felice Tamara J
Cinematographer & Editor – Ivan Catudan Nevada

Felice is living a life of uncertainty and selfishness. She is dating Brandon, having an affair with her roommate and meets a new love interest. Soon, having her cake and eat it too begins to destroy her life and she is forced to make a decision…but will she follow her heart or continue a dangerous trio of her own desires and risk losing everything.

Independent project
Food & Credit provided


SEASON 1 (Episodes 1 – 6)

Felice – (LEAD) African American Bisexual female, age 35- 45, slim to average build, very attractive. Must be comfortable with same sex contact, partial nudity.

Brandon – (LEAD) African American male, age 30 – 40, Felice boyfriend, attractive, average/athletic build, must be comfortable with partial nudity.

Red – (LEAD) African American/Cuban/Latino lesbian stud, age 25 – 35, Felice roommate, Slim/Average build, Attractive, light complexion, dreads or long curly hair, tattoos, must be comfortable with partial nudity and smoking.

Tre’ – Any race, age 25 – 35, Lesbian stud, Felice love interest, Attractive, slim to average build, must be comfortable with partial nudity and smoking.

Scone – Any race, age 25 – 35, Tre’s best friend, Lesbian Stud, must be comfortable with smoking.

Quentin – Any race, age 30 – 40, Brandon’s best friend.

Nichole – Any race, age 30 – 40, Felice best friend.

Keith – African American, age 30 – 40, Felice childhood friend.

Randy – Any race, 30 – 40, creepy, weird and is obsessed with Felice.

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