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‎Ahren Shorts‎

multiple roles

Short film, Drama, 13-15 minutes
The short “If I Work Now” is about Olivia, an 18 year old girl who’s goal in life is to be great chef. To do that she believes it’s better to work now and have fun later. A mindset she might second guess, after the sacrifices she has to make.

Please include headshot, resume, and (if you have one) a reel. We will contact actors with sides for those characters and further instructions.
Local Hire preferred, but not exclusive.
[ Karen ] – Start date (October 18th)
(Supporting): 20-30, Female, any ethnicity. A young elegant woman, a regular at Benny’s restaurant. Very intellectual about food and what she likes to eat.
[ Joe ] – Start date (October, 18th)
(Supporting): 20-30, Male, any ethnicity. A cook at Benny’s restaurant, still learning the ropes he may bring negative attention to himself, a hard worker nevertheless.
[ Journey ] – Start date (October, 17-18th)
(Supporting): 17-18. Female, any ethnicity. A sweet girl, who just wants to have fun on homecoming night. Although friendly, can come off rude when trying to help Olivia.
[ Kiara ] – Start date (October, 18th)
(Supporting): 20-25: Female, any ethnicity. A young woman, hardworking waitress at Benny’s respectful even when disrespected. She can make something funny out of a bad situation. A friend to Olivia.
[ William ] – Start date (October, 17-18th)
(Supporting): 17-18: Male, any ethnicity. A Charming boy, a smooth talker and good with the ladies. Friend of Olivia and Journey.
[ Oliver ] – Start date (October, 17th)
(Supporting): 40 : Male, any ethnicity. A loving father, and hard worker for his family. Works a little to much, but he believes that way it’s done and should be done. Very entitled to his own opinion.
Producer: Ahen Shorts
Director: Ahren Shorts
Casting Director: Ahren Shorts
Self tape due: ‪September, 23rd.
Start Date: – October, 17-18th and October 25th
Location: Temple TX.
Rate: Non-paid

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