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  • Akron
  • September 20, 2020

‎Vincent Tricaso‎

multiple roles

Casting Call:
Production Title: Lady from the Sky
Production Type: Independent
Production length: Short Film (9m)
Production Company: Area Code Productions
Production Dates: October 1- October 4, 2020
Location: Akron, OH
Union/nonunion: Non-Union
Compensation: No
Director: Vincent Tricaso
Producer: Brandon Adams & Vincent Tricaso
Logline: (Sci-fi/Rom-Com) A burnt out pizza delivery boy (man) is beginning to wonder what his big purpose in life is, if anything. When he runs into someone strange that will change his life forever.
Note: We will hold auditions through google hangouts or facetime if you are able. This is so no one wastes any gas or money along with keeping everyone as safe from Covid-19. We will compensate all cast and crew for any essential expenses (gas, lodging, food, etc) during the time of production.
Please email ([email protected]) for the script and to schedule an audition date.
Max: (Lead):
Male 20-30 years old, feeling unfulfilled with his position in life and fearful of its trajectory. Seeking romantic distraction he succumbs to the scumbag nature of the 21st century dating apps. He then meets someone strange that changes his life for the better?
Cosma (Lead):
Female 20-30 years old, Cosma is a cosmic being, shapeshifter, and traveler that is sent to collect samples of any life that is at risk from going extinct. The opposite of Max, Cosma knows her purpose in life and is happy with it, most of the time.
Woman 1 (Support):
Female any age, An upper middle-class customer which our main character will deliver a pizza to. She is wealthy, cheerful, and happy but for some reason doesn’t feel the need to tip. She emphasises the loneliness of Max and his boiling point for his job.

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