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Emille Domschot

3 principle actors, 1 voice actor, and 3 background actors

Casting Call, seeking local non-union talent**
A UNM senior capstone short film is seeking 3 principle actors, 1 voice actor, and 3 background actors for a sci-fi drama to be shot January 2021
Title: Harbinger
Director: Alex Jack

Ash – male, late 20s to early 30s. He is a very serious and focused person, determined to find out how his wife was killed and stopping at nothing to find those responsible
Cirice – female, late 20s. She is a kind and caring person, who longs for a time when she and Ash were in love. She struggles internally with the fact that she killed people against her will. She becomes a tool of the Aggregate and turns into an animalistic monster who tries to kill Ash.
Rachel – female, late 20s. Ash’s wife who is killed under mysterious circumstances (is seen mainly as a dead body)
CI – voice actor, male and female welcome to audition. This is Ash’s digital assistant.
Aggregrate citizens: male or female, adults any age. Only seen as dead bodies, except one which attacks Ash and acts animalistic and possessed.

Please send current headshots as well as your name, age, clothing sizes, and contact info to
To audition for CI, please send a short audio recording introducing yourself. Headshots and sizes will not be necessary for this part.

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