• Film
  • Short Film
  • Atlanta
  • September 27, 2020

‎Ama Larbi‎

multiple roles

Casting Call
What: Short Film (Drama)
Status: Non-Union
When: September 26 & 27
Where: Atlanta
Compensation: Copy, credit & meals. The roles of Belen, Will & Maeve are paid.
Logline – an undocumented housekeeper faces exploitation and sexual harassment from her employers to save her ill-stricken brother before he falls into a diabetic coma.
BELEN – Latina, 20s, exhausted immigrant living with and working for an upper middle class American family to provide for her own family in her home country.
MAEVE – White, late 30s to 40s, wife and overworked mom trying to provide the best for her family With little familial support.
WILL – White, 40s, checked out husband/father feeling the the pain of losing his job and seeking attention elsewhere.
CHARLIE – White, early 20s, daughter, self-absorbed college student who only visits home when she needs something.
AMMA- Black, 30s, female, observant and concerned social worker who cares about her clients.
MELISSA- White, 20s, sneaky assistant more concerned with her love life than her job.


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