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‎Bonnie Crys Garcia‎

multiple roles


Date: Sept 11, 2020

Imdb credits and craft services provided

Project by: Bonnie Crys Garcia and Israel Marquez

Filming with a Black Magic Pocket

Short Film: Marlah

Synopsis: Marlah is an 18 yr old college girl who lives with her drug induced mother, Celia. Marla attends school, works as a waitress, and helps to support her mother. Celia, her mother has not recognized how important her daughter was until the day her whole life changed. Marlah was found dead.

Seeking character roles:
Marla: any Ethnicity 18-20yrs of age. College girl who works as a waitress. She’s kind, hardworking, and loves her mother very much but is having a hard time getting through to her mother because she has an addiction problem.

Sheriff (female or male): 35-45 yrs old any ethnicity. She is a tough and focused woman with an athletic build.

News reporter (female): any ethnicity, business woman type

Cameraman (male): any ethnicity, chill and hippy looking type.

Extras: women who have experience in the night club scene

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