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Levitated Productions.

multiple roles


Levitated Productions.

Short film taking place in New River, Anthem, and Lake Pleasant. Filming will be mid August depending on schedules. This is a very low budget film. It is a non union production. unpaid and IMDb credit. Food and water will be provided.

We are a new up and coming production company geared to making several short films in the next three months. Our current film we are creating is:

Operation: Phoenix Lights

March 13th 1997, a strange phenomenon happened when several Phoenix citizens witnessed UFO lights pass by the city. This event has gone unsolved for 23 years until now. They have come back! This time they have decided to attack. It’s now up to a small band of soldiers and armed citizens to stop the invasion before all is lost.

1st Sergeant Erickson- Female , early 30’s, any ethnicity. She is a nervous person but a true leader and respected by her soldiers.

Militia Commander Thor- Male, early 40’s, Caucasian. He is arrogant and a hard ass. also funny and was an ex-private intelligence officer for the DOD

Private Lee- male, early to late 20’s, Asian. He Just got out of basic “fresh meat” he is also arrogant but has a huge heart for others but has a a bad-ass personality.

Lance Corporal Jones- female or male, late 20’s to early 30’s, Caucasian, Hispanic, or African american. a leader and foolish individual but has a true heart of a warrior who cares for their men and will sacrifice their own life for them.

Aliens- We need 3 people must be over 6′ tall thin and willing to wear special effects makeup for up to 6 hours.

extras- Looking for a minimum of 20 people for civilians, militia, and military personnel (must be able to provide own gear and uniform as we are a very low budget film)

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