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The Higher Spirit
“May this holiday be filled with peace, love, and…”

An Onyx Keesha Film
Written by B. Danielle Watkins

Location: Georgia
Dates: October 2020

Selected actors will be required to participate in a zoom audition. In the subject line please indicate which role you are interested in.

Coming home from the holidays is something most families cherish. After this holiday, Christmas will never be the same in the Higher-Mills family. Coming from mixed backgrounds adopted siblings Smythe, Hanna, Bea, Shane, and Lonny along with their parents Pat and Samantha, will have to search for a HIGHER SPIRIT to get them through this holiday season.


Pat Higher-Mills – 50 something African-American masculine identified woman. Affectionately called “Ma Pat”. Married to Samantha since marriage was legalized in 2013, but been together since 1985 (35 years). Pat loves her family but has a secret she has been reluctant to share.

Samantha “Mantha” Higher-Mills – 50 something African-American woman. Affectionately known as “Mantha”. Married to Pat. Samantha is an old school lipstick lesbian. Very loving, nurturing, and the family rock. When “Mantha” talks, the girls listen. It was Samantha who begun adopting young lesbian teenagers to give them a place to call home when their families turned their backs on them, but with Pat’s new revelation Samantha is reevaluating how progressive and open she truly is.

Smythe Higher-Mills – 30 year old African American Woman. Smythe is the oldest and first of the lesbian makeshift family. Smythe was adopted at age 15, and is now a college graduate with a wife of her own, Tallahassee. Being the oldest, Smyth has the “I know more” attitude of the siblings and causes the most tension with her remarks and gestures. Smythe and Tallahassee have been having marital problems, but hoped that this Christmas could be the fix; worst idea ever.

Hanna Higher-Mills- 27 year old African American woman. Hanna is the second in succession and the complete opposite of Smythe. Hanna is a high end lesbian escort, and a free spirit all around. Hanna is the fun sister who supports everything that Smythe doesn’t. Hanna was 16 when she was adopted, and has been a handful ever since.

Bea “Beans” Higher-Mills – 25 year old African-American woman. Affectionately known as “Beans”. Bea is the middle child, having joined the family at the young age of 12. Bea has it a lot harder growing up than the other, though they all suffered the fate ending up with Pat and Samantha. Bea’s inability to shake the demons of her past sent her on a path of drugs and alcohol and she is rarely seen or heard from. Samantha’s Christmas wish is for her Beans to make it home so she leaves the light on every night so she knows she’s welcome.

Shane Higher-Mills – 24 year old African-American woman. Shane was the baby for a long time, and is spoiled rotten. Shane just graduated from NYU with a degree in fashion and has taken NYC by storm. Since she’s graduated she’s not come home or seen her family using the excuse that the fashion world is demanding, but promising a Christmas appearance. Her real reason for not coming home will soon be revealed.

Lonny Higher-Mills – 17 year old African-American masculine identified woman. The baby of the bunch and the apple of Pat’s eye. Lonny is the only child still home, and every piece of tension that’s is happening between Pat and Samantha. Lonny doesn’t know the ends and outs but hips her sisters to game about the tension. Lonny is fun and lovable and everything a little sister should be.

Jason Allen – 25 year old African-American man. Jason thought he was coming to Christmas to propose to his love , but now he is unsure

Tallahassee Higher-Mills -32 year old African-American masculine identified woman. Smythe’s wife. Tallahassee is tired of Smythe’s controlling ways, but loves her family, especially Hanna. The only reason Tallahassee has agreed to come to Christmas is because she knows it’s a good time.

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