• Short Film
  • Los Angeles
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Andrew J. Cunningham

various roles

Casting for a new short film! Looking for non union actors to join this project!
Pay – no pay, copy of 4K footage for reel when project is finished editing.
Shooting begins either ending of September or beginning of October!
Character Breakdown
Security Guard –
Gender – Male
Age – 27-40
Any ethnicity
This security guard doesn’t have time for non sense. Tired of seeing this same homeless guy camping in a public place of business. Kicks him out for trespassing.
News Reporter –
Gender – Male/Female
Age – 27-40
Any Ethnicity
This news reporter is energetic, determine and eager to get a interview with Ronald.
There eagered charismatic personality seals the interview with Ronald that ends up being a emotional roller coaster.
Gender – Male / Female
Any Ethnicity
This Librarian is a optimistic sweet heart.. she/he always looks out for the homeless community. They have seen this same guy come in every day to check their email with hopes of good news about a job opportunity. Always optimistic and determined to see him smile with great news.
Business Owner
Gender – Male/Female
Age – 27-45
Any Ethnicity
owner of a successful marketing farm… this person is very cocky, arrogant & thinks life should go there way all the time. This business owner receives a job interview from there assistant stacy to find out it’s a homeless guy. Not even giving him a chance he quickly snaps on stacey for wasting his time.
Gender – Woman
Age – 24-35
Any Ethnicity
Stacy is a assistant who is sweet and kind but finds herself needing to become mean to get rid of ronald. she had no idea he was homeless. She feels guilty for attempting to push him away but her heart struggled to get him away leading to a big altercation with her boss and Ronald.
Tourist 1
Gender – woman
Age 21-40
Stuck up, cocky tourist who thinks she’s all that and that’s she’s belittling her self talking to a homeless guy that attempted to ask her a question.

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