• Short Film
  • Nevada
  • Applications have closed

Malia Aniston

multiple roles

Hi there everyone! I am casting for a short film that will begin filming as soon as it is safe to do so (prob July). This film will be submitted to every major film festival in Nevada and a couple for LA for 2020/2021. The rate is TFP but you will receive tickets to all events, the opportunity to have the film featured nationally if it makes it to nationals, credit, a copy for your portfolio, and the film will be shown in select theater’s here in Las Vegas and Boulder city on a few given dates for the entered festivals.

Roles still needed:
– 1 male lead love interest
– 14 people aged 25-35 (to play as either friends at a birthday party)
– 9 grocery shoppers for an surreal slow motion scene

I am bad about checking my messages/comments on here. The film is a dream that I had. It is a breakup thriller with lots of transition shots and it’s just overall a very exciting idea to bring to life. Think Midsommar.

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