• Film
  • Houston
  • October 31, 2020

‎Sam Ellis‎

actors in the Houston area 18-40.

Hi I am casting for actors in the Houston area 18-40.

So the plot of this film revolves around Julia, a woman from a small town in Arizona, who moves to Houston to live with her brother Oliver. Her brother is a semi successful photographer and journalist, who photographs women nude and also does investigate reporting on the homeless problem in Texas.

Julia takes some jobs modeling with Oliver’s friends, and also drives her car as an uber to make some extra money. She also has a relationship with a hedge fund manager named Chris, and a artist / house painter named Robert. Each has their intriguing personality aspects, but both are flawed, Chris too money obsessed, and Robert too much of a drug addict. Julia also auditions for an intriguing independent film about a bipolar woman but doesn’t get the part.

The film mainly explores Julia and Oliver, near the end of the film Oliver decides to move to Mexico City to get away from american culture for a while and Julia decides to join him.


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