• Film
  • Texas
  • September 30, 2020

Peter Ollsen

New Orleans Voodoo Witch Doctor - African American

(Houston, TX)
(Character: New Orleans Voodoo Witch Doctor)
(African American Female or Male)
This comedy film is shot like a mix between “The Office” and a Sasha Baron Cohen film, kind of like “Bruno” or “Borat.” The production is a travel shoot to New Orleans, where all expenses are paid for! We stay in the best rooms, eat the best foods, and of course drink the best wines, liquors, and beverages! You’ll even get into lots of cool events for free, such as beer and wine tastings, and concerts that have to do with some of the scenes in the film.
A documentary crew follows around The Houston Film Production Club during their Club’s anniversary celebration in different culturally diverse cities. These films tell a compelling storyline which have reality based pranks intertwined throughout the film. There are also scripted scenes shot as well.
1.) Must be at least 21 years of age
2.) Must be African American male or female
3.) Must be available to come in for an audition on Tuesday September 29th at 6 pm (galleria area).
4.) The Production will be shot in New Orleans November 14 through November 16th
5.) Please see the other films at the link below
There is no compensation given, but if you are into having the time of your life, while being apart of a high quality long-running production line, then send a brief paragraph about yourself and at least three headshots or pictures Please put “Back to The Ren Fest VII FB” in the subject line, or your email will not be opened.
Hazah! and we look forward in creating ever-lasting funny memories together!

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