Power of Film Productions, LLC

multiple roles

Power of Film Productions, LLC is a new Central Florida based film/video production company. Our very first project will a family-friendly short film Flip Side. Being that this will be our first we sadly won’t have the funds to pay anyone. We are looking forward to making an impact on one project at a time. Our main goal for this project is to raise awareness on the importance of FAMILY values.

Casting for Flip Side will be done individually I’ll meet with talent or crew (including people work as PA’s) in a public place. If interested you can call/text us Monday through Friday between the 9am-5pm, 

All individual audition/casting sessions must be done by appointment, and every one no matter the experience level, skill, talents, traits, gender, sex, ethnicity, background, political standings/affiliations, religion, or any other norms.

Ethnicity: OPEN

Young Peter and Shay ages 11-13

Young Peter’s mom age 28

Adult Peter and Shay 30-35

Annie age 2 years

Jessica: age 26

Marsha (shay’s sister) age 40

Mr. Mumps and Mrs. Mumps age 50-60

Susan age 25-28

Marsha age 35-40

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