Marcus Vazquez

Male and Female early 40’s.

Casting for Mini Series. Looking for Actors willing to TFP. PALO MAYOMBE (6 minutes)

Mrs. Fernandez awakens into a bloody nightmare. Join us as we enter the world of Palo Mayombe

Mr. Fernandez – A loving father who’s overcome by a demonic possession. Early 40s. Cuban. Prosthetics will be applied.
Mrs. Fernandez – Caring wife and mother. early 40’s.

Shooting location: Brooklyn, New York

Shooting date: Third week of September. Shoot will be done in one day.

Due to the ongoing pandemic all auditions will be held digitally. Production will be limited to a 5-7 man crew. All crew will be masked the entire time and social distancing will be practiced when necessary. Sanitizing supplies will be provided. Meals and travel will be provided.


How Actors Apply:

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