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Casting for my next production will be held on May 31st at 4:00 pm.  We will offer hand sanitizer and practice social distancing throughout auditions. Refreshments will also be provided. Please see the synopsis for each production below, along with the cast of characters. Scripts will be provided. This is a cold read. Please inbox me your email if you’re interested in auditioning or with any questions.

Filling new actors for the following roles:
Pastor James Scott
Ms. Rita

Filling Understudy roles for all characters

Synopsis – “Another Woman Will”

James and Anita Scott are the perfect couple…or at least nineteen years ago they were. Somewhere in the routine of it all, Anita has forgotten just how much of a knockout her Godly husband really is. Unfortunately for her, their gorgeous housekeeper hasn’t. Somewhere between her manicure and thriving career, Anita forgets…if she doesn’t treat him right another woman will.

Synopsis – “Another Man Will”

Several years later this story has evolved. Surprising new relationships are formed. Life-long friendships are destroyed. Status and socioeconomic roles are reversed. “Another Man Will” is the hilarious sequel to the dramatic, comical stage play “Another Woman Will”. Even in the midst of scandal, racial divide, twisted family dynamic, entrapment and false facades, and even death, there’s always a voice of reason…the housekeeper.

Cast of Characters for “Another Woman Will”

James Scott (Pastor): James is the Pastor of New Life in Christ Baptist Church. He is highly educated and extremely good looking. His charm and intellect are very attractive to single women, but James is dedicated to his high-school sweetheart, first love, and wife of 15 years, Anita Scott. James wants children, but Anita will not ruin her body for “his” babies.

Anita Scott (Director of Advertising): Anita is beautiful and highly educated. She is the Director of Advertising for Hallmark Cards. Men naturally flock to her because of her beautiful face, toned body, and social status. She works long hours and has limited time for church folks…. Including her husband James.

Gi-Gi (Model): Gi-Gi is a beautiful runway model. She has been friends with Anita since they were 8 years old. She’s sensible, smart, and single. Her dating life is popping, and she always has a new suitor. Her standards are high, but her no-nonsense approach runs men away before they get to know her softer side.

Brandy (The Housekeeper): Brandy is the housekeeper for James and Anita. She has worked for them only for a short time. Anita keeps firing all the “pretty” housekeepers. Brandy is quiet but observant. She does a great job, but Anita refers to her as a “cat” because she is seldom seen, but it’s clear she’s been there.

Germany (Former Stripper): Germany is a former stripper. She is a close friend to Anita, and has been for almost 5 years. She is very opinionated, street smart and LOUD. She has a petty “ghetto” mentality, and is likely to “Cut a Bitch” if necessary. She is no-holds-barred, and willing to sleep with any fine man who asks. As long as he’s fine….AND RICH!

Marvin Whitley (Pastor): Marvin is a “Preacher”. He serves as a pastoral mentor to James, who has only been a Pastor for 2 years. Marvin is happily married to Ashland Whitley. They are not as well off as James and Anita Scott, but heavily involved in the Community and well connected.

Ashland Whitley (Teacher): Ashland is a 3rd grade teacher. She supports and stands by her husband Marvin, no matter what. Right or wrong, he is her life, along with their 2 children Jordan and Cassie. Although she works as an elementary school teacher, she will not hesitate to walk away to support her husband. She’s poised, but unkempt at times. Not a huge fan of Anita Scott….and vice versa.

Cast of Characters for “Another Man Will”

(Includes all the Characters above.)

Ms. Rita (New Housekeeper) – This God-fearing church mother is witty, and still believes she’s got plenty of sex appeal. She’s got quick comeback and feels she’s earned the right to “read” anyone in the room. Worldly, but wise…Ms. Rita brings the funny, along with wise counsel for everyone on stage.

Denzel (Single Father) – A well fit, good looking single father of 17-year-old daughter Jordin, and 6-year-old daughter Jada, seeks spiritual counsel and fatherly advice after the tragic loss of his wife, and mother of his daughters.

Remedy (Single Mother) – This stressed out, hardworking, trying to make ends meet woman is the single mother of a troubled 17-year-old young man Prince. While seeking solace and counseling for her son’s troubled ways, tragedy ensues.

Jordan (Daughter of Denzel) – This spunky, fresh-mouthed 17-year-old struggles with the loss of her mother. Her inability to cope manifests itself through blatant disrespect, sneaking out and truancy. Getting tangled up with the wrong boy brings her back to reality quickly.

Jada (Daughter of Denzel) – This adorable 6-year-old daughter of Denzel steals the heart of everyone she encounters. She worships her big sister Jordan, but soon encounters a disaster guided by her innocence of seemingly epic proportions.

Prince (Son of Remedy) – This handsome young man struggles to find his way in the absence of his father. Despite his mother’s attempts to save him, Prince finds himself entangled with law enforcement in the shooting of another unarmed African American male.

James Jr. (Son of James and Anita Scott) – Adorable James Jr. is the only son of Pastor James and Anita Scott. He develops a serious crush on Jada bringing about a confusing turn of events.

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