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Taraja Ramsess

multiple roles

Casting for short: The Jux- a crime story—ATLANTA,GA
Production information: Art City Films/ Classic Film Studios INC
Project description: Short; TV Pilot
Location of shoot: Classic Film Studios
Date of shoot: TBD (June-July)
Expected shoot time: 5 Days
Union status: Non
Compensation: none

auditions will be held in person by appointment (social distancing adhered to) or online submissions.
Submission deadline: June 18
Role information:
1.Prichert- (mid 30’s) male
2.Poncho- (20’s) male
3.Cotton- (30’s) male
4.Lenny the Suit- (50’s-60’s)-
5.Bobby- (30-40)
6.Maddy- (70’s) Female
7.Barber- Pricherts barber
10.The Mexican (20’s-50’s)
11.Baptiste (30s-40s)— male
12.Armondo- (20s-40s)

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