• Film
  • Short Film
  • Long Island
  • October 31, 2020

Simbal Karma

Boy 10 - 12 Indian, Spanish, Hispanic & Mexican


Horror Short Film

[Jacob Black]

Age: 10 – 12
Description: (Indian, Spanish, Hispanic & Mexican) Boy.

6 – 8 hour evening/night shoot on a weekend. Actor will have no lines!

Storyline: On Halloween a 10yr old neglected adopted son (Jacob Black) wishes to visit a haunted house on his birthday that promises to feed on his darkest fears.
Locked inside the house resides a centuries-old demon who recruites innocent children as her own to murder their loved ones.

MAA: A Haunting
(Short Film)
Union Status: Non-Union
Writer, Director & Producer: Simbal Karma
Location: Long Island (NY)
Start Date: TBD
Rate: IMDb credit + Copy + Food +Travel.


COVID-19 NOTE: Covid Compliance Officer (CCO) will be available on set and the crew will wear gloves and masks while working. Only the actors will not wear them while shooting. Hand sanitizer will be given out and required for every person to use on set every half hour. Additionally, we are using a 6 person crew so we will not have a large crowd.

PS: Looking forward to be working with you!

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