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Emalie Noelani Holmes

male models, 20s-30s

Casting: male models, 20s-30s (or attractive actors who are comfortable posing for print) for a styled bridal shoot on 6/16 or 6/17

As of now it is unpaid, but it may be possible to negotiate a small stipend.

If you’d like to DM me first to get feedback on which photos would be best, you’re more than welcome to do that ?


– Styled shoots: If you aren’t familiar with styled shoots, they are typically unpaid (TFP) wedding shoots that are submitted for publication in bridal magazines. For your time you will receive a bunch of edited photos to use however you’d like, the photographer and vendors just ask that you tag/credit them since they are typically working for free (or even paying for the dresses and decorations). I personally have gotten paid work as a result of having these photos in my portfolio, but of course that’s never promised. It’s a great opportunity for newer models who need experience or if you’ve recently changed your look and need photo updates.

– There are 4 different shoots happening over a span of 2 days. I am the model for one of them but don’t know who the other brides will be.

– I’m 5’2” so shorter men are welcome to submit. I don’t know the heights of the other models.

– Please note: You are generally not required to kiss the brides unless both parties are comfortable with it, but you will be standing very close, hugging, holding hands, etc. so if you think you will be unprofessional, awkward, or creepy, this is NOT the shoot for you. It’s always funny and awkward, but models are expected to treat this like a job.

I’ve attached photos from previous styled shoots I’ve done in case you want an idea of what a styled wedding shoot looks like. The collage is from a publication in Southern Bride Magazine ?

Feel free to comment or DM with questions, but please read the post first.

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