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‎Gabriel Crane‎

multiple roles

We are a 3 shoots away from completing a medieval fantasy series. The majority was filmed in Colorado and we wish to film at interesting locations of southern Indiana (Bloomington and further south). This is a self funded student project and funding is running low thanks to Covid-19. Most rolls and positions are unpaid, but we are open to discussing what is fair so everyone comes out ahead for their involvement. All shoots will have Covid-19 safety precautions, such as 10 or fewer people per shoot and everyone not acting while we are rolling will be wearing masks.
Looking for:
Extras – Villagers in a town. Any age and gender.
Natural redheads – both men and women. For a nation where redheads are a common sight. (Might be used in epilogues down the line if we have a large turnout)
Dryad – Woman, any ethnicity and age. Will involve heavy makeup and literal plants used for the costume.
Bounty Hunter – Woman, any ethnicity and age. Being somewhat fit is preferred since the character does a lot of running. Gore makeup will also need to be applied to actor for a few scenes.
Witch – Woman any ethnicity and age. Gore effects and makeup will need to be applied to actor. Might be asked to hold some adorable snakes.
Special effects person to improve current gore effects. (Example being prosthesis that gush blood) PAID
We intend to film epilogues to the series if we get proper funding after the release of this first run. That will involve many more characters if things are ever safe to have large amounts of people in one place. So if you don’t qualify for the roles above, please still feel free to contact us. We’ll hopefully have you involved a year or so from now!


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