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  • Washington
  • September 28, 2020

Rachel Taggart Harris

Male (50+)

CASTING NOTICE: Male (50+) this is the ONLY role being cast – thank you!
Production Title: “31st Amendment”
Director: Marc Danbury
Producer: NewBoy Films UK
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Short Film // 16 minutes
Compensation: Copy, Credit & IMDb credit
Production Location: Due to Covid and the nature of this scene, it’ll be filmed “zoom call-style” at your home. Our director is in the UK so we’d ideally like to film with him online to direct. Will film mid to end September.
Story Overview: Five years from now the Republican administration addresses the burden on the economy caused by the increasing older population… with a killer plan. 150 people brought together on their 50th Birthday, only one will see their 51st….. This scene opens our film, the main character is cleaning up in the café/diner where she works, the TV is on in the background – a cable news anchor (already cast) and Republican Senior Advisor to the President are talking heads in a cable news program.
All ethnicities are welcome.
Senior Advisor to POTUS (must read on camera as 50+)
A political spokesperson for the party, a senior advisor. Persuasive, confident, spouting the party rhetoric, though underneath, disingenuous, an air of self-grandiosity. He’s making out that he is doing this for the common good but actually it’s about an ugly agenda of class divide, money, control and power.

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