‎Austin Janowsky

multiple roles

Production title: Coffee and Dessert
Compensation: IMDb Credit, Food, Clips for Reel
Project length: Short Film (10 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Shooting on: Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K
Production Company: Tin Sky Media
Director: Austin Janowsky
Audition Location: Self-Tape
Shooting Location: TBD – Either Tampa area or Orlando area
Shooting Dates: Oct 3, 4

Please submit head shot, resume and reel if you have one.
Sides will be sent out for video auditions to all that email! Thank you!!
Every character will be wearing face masks for the whole shoot as part of the film If you have an issue wearing a mask for a length of time, this might not be right for you. All Roles will have speaking lines.
Character BIOS
[GENDER: FEMALE – Marcy] [AGE: 20-50]
Any ethnicity. Slim build to Frail but any height.
[GENDER: FEMALE – Tina] [AGE: 15-25]
Can be any ethnicity, and body type, size. All are welcome!
(GENDER: Male – Rick] [AGE: 20-30]
Can be any ethnicity, In-shape/Muscular!
Elderly people
Thank you for considering submitting and can’t wait for your email!

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