Isabelle Swan

various roles

Hey Everyone!
I am currently in pre production for my first, well kind of my first, personal film project, and we are looking for crew members (and actors) to help us out!
A little about the project:
Project:Storybook is a short film series consisting of 3 seasons with 5 episodes each. Each of the 15 episodes are estimated to be 5-10 minutes long, more or less, and each will focus on a different story being told.
This project solely relies on donations and volunteer work so as of now any work on this project will be unpaid. However food will be provided on set and this could be a great way to network, not to mention a fun experience!
No experience is needed, though it is of course a plus. This will be a learning experience for everyone involved!
90% of our actors are children so we ask that, while this shouldn’t affect certain positions, you keep it in mind. Speaking of actors, we will be casting teen/adult roles coming up soon but we already have an “audition” date set for the kids. Again no experience is needed, so if you have or know a child that would have fun getting out of the house this summer, check the casting call below for more information!
We are still in pre production but we are expecting to start shooting in June and throughout the summer. We have no set dates, as we are waiting to find out the best availability of cast, crew, and locations, so if this sounds like something you’d be interested in working on, feel free to please come by the crew event or email the address listed below. We will be shooting in and around the Elk Grove/Sacramento area with a few possible locations in other areas.

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